Electric Boogie

A candid and empathic portrait of the Electric Boogie Boys, a break dance group of black and hispanic youths from the South Bronx. Oliver, Ken, Eli and K.K. are practically inseparable, performing anywhere, anytime: in the subway, the street, discos, forever searching for ways to interpret their lives through Electric Boogie. For them, street dancing is a form of self-expression and a way to cope with their environment.

Directors: Tana Ross and Freke Vuijst
30 min – 1982

Festival screenings:
American Film and Video Festival – Blue Ribbon Award
Edinburgh Film Festival – Finalist
London Film Festival
Cinema Du Reel – Finalist
Cinema di Populi
Hong Kong Film Festival
Festival Videodanse

“One of the most magical films showing at the London Film Festival” – The
Voice, London
“A sad and at the same time inspiring film” – Volkskrant, Amsterdam
“A masterful short documentary” – Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm
“An excellent statement on interracial relationships and the desire of young
people to succeed” – Library Journal.