• POET OF POVERTY – Father Michael Doyle’s heartbreaking letters about Camden, New Jersey – America’s poorest city – read by Martin Sheen. 
  • KEEP ON WALKING – A portrait of Joshua Nelson, religious Jew and Hebrew teacher as well as gospel singer and music director in a baptist church.
  • ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS – Examines the rise of the religious right over a period of fifteen years as seen through the eyes of the Dutch journalist who covered it.
  • ELECTRIC BOOGIE – One of the earliest films of the hip-hop era, this film portrays four boys who dance in the streets of the South Bronx.
  • CALL OF THE JITTERBUG — About the Swing dancing craze of the 1930′s and how it broke the colour bar.
  • THE LAST DANCE – The story of five high school students in the weeks leading up to their prom, and the one student who refuses to participate.
  • PRAISE HER – American women are reclaiming an ancient Goddess religion as their expression of feminist spirituality.
  • CHOOSE ME – Follows seven students in their last two years of high school as they apply to the country’s top colleges and universities.