Straight Up Rappin’

This compelling documentary film captures rap in its earliest form, as poetry. These rappers, amateurs all, feel a compelling need to express their feelings about the world they live in. They are ten-year olds who rap about the Bill of Rights, young men who rap about homelessness and child abuse, and a young woman who raps about revolution. Listening to their powerful words, their outspoken street poetry, you are hearing the political debates of the future.

Directors: Tana Ross and Freke Vuijst
29 min -1992

Festival screenings:
Black Maria Film Festival – Juror’s Choice Award
National Educational Film & Video Festival – Silver Apple Award
CINE Golden Eagle
Leipzig Film Festival – Finalist
Athens International Film Festival – Finalist
Black International Cinema Berlin

“A thoughtful and revealing look at young people in disadvantaged
neighborhoods” – Video Rating Guide for Libraries
“Entertaining and probing look at rap” – NCRV-gids, The Netherlands