The Last Dance

This narrative film follows five high school students who are about to graduate – and one who is about to drop out. Their interwoven stories offer surprising insights into the role of race, class, and the American dream in their lives. The eloquence, sensitivity, and passions of these very typical suburban teenagers turn many of our stereotypes upside-down.

Directors: Tana Ross and Freke Vuijst
58 min -1990

Festival screenings:
NY Expo for short Film and Video – First Prize
Athens International Film and Video Festival
USA film Festival
Cadiz International Video Festival

“As compelling as a soap, but poignant and complex like life itself.” – Primeur
“A realistic portrait of adolescent angst.” – Library Journal
“An enlightening, entertaining look at an engaging group of students.- Booklist
“A farewell to youth, beautifully portrayed. – Trouw, The Netherlands